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Do you need to translate almost any type of documents, business communications, a website to fine – tune your advertising marketing or even technical materials? TransOrient offers the quick and accurate service you need to contribute to your business growth

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Translation services for organizations and individuals

Academic Translation

All of our academic texts are translated by our experienced translators who are competent and have the sufficient terminology. ... More


TransOrient Translation provides live interpretation services for public and private sectors to cover your various events. We provide highly qualified interpreters ... More

Art and Literary Translation

This type of translation requires expertise in the subject of art and literature translations, which are done by our translators who are experts in their fields. ...More

Website Translation

Cost –effective Website Translation Today, translating your website is one of the most costs –effective ways to reach the international markets. ... More

Engineering and Technical Translation

Focusing exclusively on the translation of technical, engineering, and scientific documents where precision, accuracy, and consistency are particularly important and notoriously hard to ... More

Legal Translation

We have translated millions of words and legal terms for law firms and legal services clients in Saudi Arabia and a lot of other international clients. ... More

Document Translation Services

Thanks to our global network of freelance translators, we can translate almost any type of document. Do you need to translate almost any type of documents,... More

Copywriting services

Grow with our Help! Copywriting services are a highly-demanded type of professional assistance offered online. Copywriting service is exceptionally helpful... More

In-house Translation

If you consider that the volume of translation work in your company requires setting up your own in-house translation office, we can offer your company custom – made virtual ... More

Copywriting services

Translation of documents contains Graphics. Regarding the translation of graphical elements (jpg, gif, flash, illustrator, director), we can provide a translation ... More

Medical Translation

If we don't understand the content, then we will not be able to translate it! That is why TransOrient requires that all Medical Translators and translation Editors have to be highly educated ... More

Business Translation

Commercial Translation All of your international commercial needs are evaluated in this category. We offer the best service with our experienced translators in order to enable you to enter new markets, ... More

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In cooperation with

TransOrient Translation and Consulting Services works in cooperation with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Translation, (TAG-TDP) according to a formal agreement between both parties in order to provide certified Translation and Training Services for our customers in the Kingdom and around the world.

It is well known that Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization for Professional Services, Intellectual Property cooperates with nearly 80 translation offices all over the world.

TransOrient also provides training and development services for written and simultaneous/consecutive translation and interpretation in coordination with TAG-TDP, which provides the latest advanced methods of teaching written translation and simultaneous/consecutive interpretation techniques, and gives special attention to the trainers' selection process to ensure qualifying professional translators who are familiar with the requirements of the labor market.

How does TransOrient team operate?

A designated TransOrient Translation representative will contact the customer to determine the task requirements (deadline, style, terminology, target audience and other factors.... More

Translation Quality Management

As a certified Translation Services Provider (ISO 2008-9001), we are committed to applying the highest international quality standards to all services.... More
Every project has a dedicated technical assistant, accessible to all team members. The project manager verifies the final translation and delivers it to the customer. Some related tasks are creating a bilingual glossary, and sourcing reference material or law excerpts.


Every project has a dedicated technical assistant, accessible to all team members

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