In-house Translation

In-house Translation
If you consider that the volume of translation work in your company requires setting up your own in-house translation office, we can offer your company custom – made virtual translation office, which acts as your in-house translator or translation department, with the added advantage of being cost effective.

Your company will benefit from a dedicated virtual translation office while saving on:
• Salaries and allowances
• Office space
• Overhead cost
• Commuting
• Consumables
Our virtual translation office in size and timing to fulfill your needs. If you need more than one translator, or a translation out of office hours, we would be glad to provide that. The virtual translation office has another advantage which is world wide accessibility and time flexibility. Regardless of your business location, you will be able to reach us and receive our services at any time.
Arranging a virtual translation office for your company starts with studying your needs and requirements to assess our operational needs and allocate the necessary team to serve you. We will then introduce a number of professionals who will be working to meet your needs, following your instructions and adopting your language and style.
We will assign you a project manager and a number of translators, editors and proofreaders as needed to handle your daily translation, and to study your market and industry terms and vocabulary and liaise with other departments, such as marketing, while working is going within your time frame.
Let’s meet……study your needs…..Assign the appropriate translator and serve your business needs.